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Dyno Race Car - Foxbody Mustang

Watson Racing – Chassis Dyno Tuning

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Expert Chassis Dyno Tuning Services offered at Watson Racing. The team of Build, Engine and Tuning specialists with over 25 yrs experience, available for:
  • dynojet - CHASSIS DYNO TUNINGDyno tuning – hot rod, street, drag, and road race
  • EFI and carburetor tuning
  • Club dyno days
  • Horsepower/torque measurements
  • All-day rental
  • Capable of 2,000 HP / 200 MPH
  • Call 855.WAT.RACE (928.7223) for additional information
  • We suggest to make appointments in advance, our openings (especially peak race season) fill quickly.


Michigan Dyno Tuning Race Car - CHASSIS DYNO TUNINGWatson Racing specializes in race tuning using an in-ground 2,000-horsepower, Eddie Current Load Control  Dynojet chassis dyno, the latest SCT software, and a custom-built fully-ventilated dyno cell. Watson Racing can tune year-round regardless of the weather. It doesn’t make a difference if your engine is stock or built for racing, it can benefit immensely from dyno tuning. No engine will run at peak performance if it the engine is not tuned correctly.

Dyno tuning is the only precise way of dialing in your engine and configuring temperature, manifold pressure, air/fuel ratios, torque and horsepower for optimal results. Watson Racing offers many tunes to suit your use or track conditions. Also, you’ll have the dyno sheets to support it. Lastly, if you just want to see what kind of power your car makes and do not need it tuned, WR techs will be happy to accommodate you as well.

The Watson Racing staff have been building and tuning race and street cars for over 25 years. Have a carbureted car? No problem – the nearly lost art of tuning a carburetor is still alive and well here at Watson Racing. Technicians can optimize factory EFI systems, as well as stand-alone aftermarket EFI systems such as FAST, Big Stuff, and others. Need a chip burned for your original Fox Body? Watson Racing has that covered too.

Watson Racing – Motor City Dyno Tuning

Call 855.Wat.Race (928.7223) or email to book your appointment for chassis dyno tuning in the Motor City. Dyno Tuning is that crucial final step to making sure you maximize the parts in your set-up and protect your investment for the win!

*** Having a vehicle in a ‘chassis dyno tuning’ facility can be a great experience. To allow the dyno session to run efficiently, effectively and to make the most out of your run. Please email or bring a list of modifications and expectations of realistic goals. Be sure to have a full tank of gas. Consequently, vehicles consume a healthy amount of gasoline during the tuning process. Also, you can’t expect your car to operate at peak performance if parts are worn out.  So, mMake sure you have fresh spark plugs, and clean air filter. Lastly, please ensure that there are no issues with tires.

* Photos and videos are allowed while cars are on the dyno. Some of the Watson Racing, chassis dyno tuning pulls are published on the website / social media pages. Please notify us if you DO NOT wish to have your car shown. Typically we ask permission before posting. Also, if you would like us to create a video of your dyno pull, please make arrangements in advance. So we can schedule appropriately.

Watson Racing’s Brownstown dyno tuning services are available for all car owners and race enthusiasts in the Motor City.  Neighboring to the downriver cities of Allen Park, Belleville, Detroit, Flat Rock, Gibralter, and Grosse Ile. As well as, Riverview, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, and Woodhaven. Furthermore, Watson Racing’s facility is just 2000 ft North of the legendary “Detroit Dragway” in Southeast Michigan. Within proximity of the Ohio and Indiana state borders – only minutes away from Windsor, Canada.

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