Top 5 Hottest Mustangs at SEMA

This year’s SEMA show was packed with plenty of super hot Mustangs. The Mustang was named by SEMA as the hottest car of the show. There were so many cool cars that it is impossible for us to bring them all to you. So they asked Justin Dugan, the familiar face of American Muscle, to give us his top five hottest mustangs at SEMA. He happily narrowed the field down to five cool 2015 Mustangs that make the grade for him.

#4 Watson Racing – 2015 Mustang Build

With a Ford Racing blower under the hood breathing pressurized air into a cammed Coyote, and a straight line attitude, Watson Racing’s 2015 GT build was making headlines ahead of the SEMA show. We ran an in-depth look on this car the week before the show. This thing should be nine-second capable in the quarter-mile when it hits the drag strip next spring in NMRA competition. We can’t wait to see what it does in action.

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