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You’ve spent a small fortune building your pride and joy, and you love racing or showing it off. But do you know how well it’s running? Are you sure you are getting everything that you can out of it? If you are interested in unlocking the full potential of your muscle car, race car, or weekend cruiser, then dyno testing and tuning is one of your best options.


  • Dyno servicesRace tuning
  • In-ground 2,000-HP, Eddie Current Load Control Dynojet
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  • Stock Engine or Built to Race
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  • Multiple tunes to suit Driver and Track conditions
  • Dyno sheets for validation
  • You will KNOW what kind of power your car makes


For over 25 years the Watson Racing staff (Motor City Dyno) have been building and tuning race and street cars. Have a carbureted car?  No problem – it is still alive and well here at Watson Racing. Techs can optimize factory tune EFI systems, as well as stand-alone aftermarket EFI systems such as FAST, Big Stuff, and others. Need a chip burned for your Fox Body? Watson Racing has that covered too!

Watson Racing – Brownstown, Michigan Dyno Tuning Services 

2015 Cobra Jet ShowdownDyno Tuning is that crucial final step to making sure you maximize your set-up and protect your investment for the win!

Engineered Performance – Built to Win!

Call 855.Wat.Race (928.7223) to book your appointment. 

Having your vehicle ‘tuned’ on a chassis dyno can be a great experience. To allow the dyno session to run efficiently, effectively and to make the most out of your run, email or bring a list of modifications and expectations of realistic goals. Be sure to have a full tank of gas – vehicles consume a healthy amount of gasoline during the tuning process. Also, you can’t expect your car to operate at peak performance if parts are worn out.  Make sure you have fresh spark plugs, clean air filter, and that there are no issues with tires.

Watson Racing’s  Brownstown, Michigan Dyno Tuning Services are available for everyone located in; Allen Park, Belleville, Detroit, and Taylor  Michigan. Watson Racing’s located in Brownstown Michigan – not far from the Ohio or Indiana state borders – and only minutes away from Windsor, Canada.

S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning Number’s Impressive

2015 Mustang - Watson Racing

S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning by Watson Racing. Getting ready for the track in 2017. If you want to optimize the calibration for ultimate power and performance, it’s what we do all day, every day. So, to get your S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning at it’s best, call the experts at Watson Racing (855) Wat.Race (928.7223)S550 Mustang - Dyno Tuning

Watson Racing boosts its street/strip SEMA star with a Whipple supercharger

By Steve Turner

While there have been a few shots heard ’round the Mustang world, we’ve been waiting for the S550 Mustang Dyno tuning horsepower wars to escalate. Well, at Watson Racing, the battle has begun in earnest. The company recently added one of Whipple Superchargers’ new 2.9-liter superchargers for the S550 Mustang. And the results were downright breathtaking.

2015 Mustang Engine - Watson Racing
Don’t be alarmed by the lack of an inlet tube and mass air sensor in front of that massive Whipple throttle body on the supercharger. Watson Racing converted its 2015 S550 Mustang’s engine management to one of F.A.S.T.’s fully programmable speed-density EFI systems.


If you have followed our coverage of the Watson S550, you know it debuted at last year’s SEMA show in the Ford display. It was one of the few drag strip oriented machines on the SEMA show floor. Also, it had the mods to back it up. However, as with most SEMA projects, the Watson car had to be show-ready in a short amount of time. That didn’t leave the opportunity to maximize the car’s full potential.

Regular readers will also know that the company is busy with myriad other projects. From converting Ford Racing School 2015 S550 Mustang fleet to building up customer Cobra Jets for the new racing season. As such, it was difficult to find the opportunity to work on its project. However, when the company carved out the time, its team knew just what they wanted to do.

“Honestly, to push the envelope and still be a very street-able car,” John Phillips, Products Manager at Watson Racing, explained. You can watch them push that envelope on the dyno right here:

S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning

As a result, the Watson team fortified the stock Coyote short-block with good internals. Also, the Racing team reinstalled the stock heads and fitted those heads with a set of custom camshafts built to Watson Racing specs. With that gear in place, they installed the Whipple as mentioned earlier, supercharger system. The company is quite familiar with how efficient these superchargers are on Cobra Jets, so the 2.9 was a natural choice for its 2015 project.

2015 Mustangs at PRI
With the help of American Racing Headers, BASF, Centerforce, Dynotech driveshafts, F.A.S.T., Ford Motor Company, Ford Performance Racing Parts, Ice Nine Customs, and M&H tires. As well as, Magnaflow, Optic Armor, SPC Interiors, Strange Engineering, Teamtech, Tremec, Weld Wheels, and Whipple Superchargers. Watson has put together a beautiful new S550 Mustang with performance to back up its good looks.

As you may know, one of the constraints holding back the escalation of significant horsepower on the latest Mustangs is the complexity of the programming inside the new TriCor PCM. While strides to produce high-power have been painful for manufacturers with the factory computer thus far, Watsons  S550 Mustang Dyno tuning results tell another tale. The Watson team wanted to eliminate any variables and go right into making significant power.

“We opted to remove the factory electronics and go with the F.A.S.T. engine management system,” John said. “This—along with the expertise of our tuning guru Kim Mapes—resulted in some impressive numbers.”

2015 Mustang Dyno Run - Watson Racing

S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning

Impressed by the figures? Here’s the proof. Spinning to nearly 8,000 rpm, the Watson Racing 2015 S550 Mustang GT put down 928 horsepower and 684 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. As great as those numbers are, they are just the starting point. Watson believes there is more performance to be had via additional tuning. They are impressive numbers, indeed. With the F.A.S.T. system in place, the Whipple-blown Coyote put down a whopping 928 horsepower to the rear wheels. Better yet, that is on a conservative tune. Kim believes there is more power to be had, but they want to wring the rest of it out at the racetrack before choosing a racing class for this impressive machine.

“The teams extremely pleased by the S550 Dyno Tuning numbers. There is still more in, though. Now we just need to make some fast passes in Florida to complete the loop,” John added. “We will run some exhibition passes at Bradenton and then make that decision.”

So, if you are as excited to see this S550 Mustang run as we are, make sure you are in the stands at the NMRA season opener in Bradenton, Florida, on March 5-8, 2015.

Watson Racing 2015 Mustang

Watson Racing S550 has been to the show and the strip. It began as a SEMA project, then was used as a research and development test bed for more S550-related street/strip hardware. The Watson Racing S550 then was the first to hit 9’s, then 8’s and in 2015/16 was the World’s Fastest 2015 Mustang with IRS. Here is one of the original dyno pulls with the S550 at the Watson Racing Shop.

Choosing to forego the glitz that is sometimes the hallmark of SEMA cars, the focus was instead on function. To shed some 30 pounds of nose weight.  Watson’s experienced fabricators engineered a complete TIG-welded tubular K-member and front suspension setup. This chromoly cradle they bolted a 5.0L Coyote (built in house) toughened with Oliver rods and Mahle pistons. Tweaked with Ford Performance cams. Tuned via FAST XFI. Topped with a 2.9L front-inlet, twin-screw Whipple supercharger. Through a Tremec Magnum XL six-speed, the combo sent a “conservative” 927 hp and 702 lb-ft to the rear wheels.

Watson engineered and fabricated this complete tubular K-member/suspension package as part of the car’s weight-loss program. Watson Racing 2015 Mustang parts are now sold through the Watson Racing shop website.

Dyno 64 Nova “Outlaw”

598 (pump gas) 1964 Nova NA Run #1.

Watson Racing, Southeastern Michigan, offers full expert Dyno Testing & Tuning services.

1941 American Gasser Dyno Tune

1941 Willy’s Gasser – 598 Big Block Chevy with a Supercharged Liberty 4-speed Transmission; 8.5 Second Certified; 1st place Detroit Autorama 2014 – running just a little rich …

Watson Racing, Southeastern Michigan, offers full expert Dyno Testing & Tuning services.

Watson Calibrated – 14 Cobra Jet Dyno Tune

Begin your race tuning experience with Watson Racing. From tuning to supercharged all tested on our Dynojet Chassis Dyno with expertise to meet all your high-performance racing needs.

Dyno Tune Cobra Jet

Watson Racing specialists have over 25 yrs experience, are available for Chassis Dyno – Custom Calibration – SCT – Tuning Specialists!!

Dyno Tuning 71 Camaro

Dyno Tuning 71 Camaro

Watson Racing specialists have 25+ yrs experience, now available for Dynojet tuning services:

  • Specialize in SCT Performance
  • Custom dyno tuning your hot rod, street or race car
  • EFI and carburetor tuning
  • Club dyno days
  • Horsepower/torque measurements
  • All-day rental
  • 2,000 Horsepower, 200 MPH capable
  • Call for information or to make an appointment
  • In ground chassis dynamometer

Dyno Tune – Mustang 2004 GT

Dyno Tune – Mustang 2004 GT w / Procharger

Dyno Tuning a Mustang GT – Check out the chart – Passing 527 in power and 463 in torque, maxed out the audio of the camera in this clip – LOUD : )
*side note – Time to get a real microphone and capture the roar!

Dyno Tune Race Car

Dyno Tune Race Car – 2003 Mustang Cobra

Watson Racing’s Brownstown, Michigan Dyno Tuning Services are available for those located in; Allen Park, Belleville, Detroit, and Taylor  Michigan. Watson Racing’s facility is located in Brownstown Michigan – not far from the Ohio or Indiana state borders – and only minutes away from Windsor, Canada.

Dyno 2006 Supercharged Saleen

Dyno 4.6 Supercharged 2006 Saleen Mustang

Dyno Tuning – Custom Calibrating – Chassis Dyno Tuning Service. Custom dyno tuning your hot rod, street or race car Metro Detroit Area – Watson Racing.

Dyno Tuning 2011 Shelby GT500

Dyno Tuning 2011 Shelby GT500 Modified

Watson Racing specializes in race  dyno tuning using an in-ground 2,000-horsepower, Eddie Current Load Control Dynojet.

79 Malibu 632 Profiler NOS Dyno Tuning

79 Malibu 632 Profiler NOS with 10″ tires … This is actually the 2nd run as the 1st run was loud – but as the owner said, add a little nitrous and it turns into Godzilla – the sound simply does no justice!!

This is one of the Watson Racing Dyno Tech’s babies. Kim Mapes completed an overall build on this car a few years ago … They call it it a “Grocery Getter” … What a fun project to be part of – great to see that this run actually made him smile 🙂


Dyno Tuning Watson Racing Spec Iron

Dyno Tuning Watson Racing Spec Iron – Watson offers a complete Dyno Tuning Solution and Specializes in SCT Tuning, performance improvements and enhancements to Race Cars and Show cars alike.

57 Chevy Outlaw Dyno Tuning

57 Chevy Outlaw Dyno Tuning


Dyno tuning

Dyno Tuning Watson Racing’s goal is to offer parts and services to everybody from the hardcore racers to folks who just want their street vehicles set up properly. Watson techs build cars from the ground up beginning with chassis construction. Watson produces it’s own line of chassis and suspension components, build and install roll cages, safety systems & more. Watson also offers chassis tuning services with the new DynoJet chassis dynamometer.Dyno Tuning

Southeast Michigan Chassis Dyno – 1994 Cobra

Watson Racing, Southeast Michigan Chassis Dyno, Testing & Tuning services.   94 Cobra 347 cid with a kenne bell flowzilla SCT – Custom Calibrating.

Shop located in Brownstown MI – Metro Detroit Area, close to Ohio & Indiana – Southeast Michigan.

Dyno Cobra Jet

Watson Racing Dyno Tuning  – Southeast Michigan Racing HQ

SCT Dyno Tuning

SCT Dyno Tuning – Custom Calibrating – Chassis Dyno Tuning Service

Watson Racing Dyno Tuning Service, Brownstown Michigan

Race Tuning – 70 Nova 598 NA Motor

Watch this Nova get lifted!  Chassis Dyno Tuning Services Southeast Michigan located “Downriver” Close proximity to Ohio & Indiana. Watson Racing performs chassis dyno service … nice!!

Custom Dyno Tuning In-House

Custom Dyno Tuning In-House – Check out this 2014 Mustang

Our Dynojet 224 Can Test Vehicles up to 2,000 HP and 200 MPH – Just another day in paradise, Working with this New 2014 Blue Mustang – Chassis Dyno Tuning services, full report – we want to see if anyone notices the numbers lol … we are at your service 

Whether you’re modifying your street or track car, or having a vehicle prepped for an upcoming track-driving day or race, dyno tuning can be essential to achieving the proper performance. Watson Racing has a Dynojet 224xLC dynamometer on-site for tuning most Ford, GM, Nissan/Infiniti, and Mopar (Dodge and Chrysler) vehicles — up to 2,000 HP and 200 mph.

Chassis Dyno, Tuning Service, Custom Calibration – Southeast Michigan, close to Canada, Ohio & Indiana!

Dyno Tuning Chevelle


Watson Racing is a full-service stock, muscle car, or weekend cruiser automotive shop that provides trusted and expert maintenance and performance modifications, race car services, and support. Our knowledgeable technicians are unsurpassed in their specialties. Watson Racing also has an online shop for race car parts, Check out the Chevy Superchargers!

Dyno Tuning 05 Mustang

Dyno Tuning 05 Mustang – This 3 valve, 05 Mustang has a little horsepower! Pro-charged 19 psi boost – Max power hit 759.29; Torque 673.30 and Max Engine Speed 6.46

Watson Racing specialists have 25+ yrs experience, now available for Dynojet tuning services:

  • Specialize in SCT Performance
  • Custom dyno tuning your hot rod, street or race car
  • EFI and carburetor tuning
  • Club dyno days
  • Horsepower/torque measurements
  • All-day rental
  • 2,000 Horsepower, 200 MPH capable
  • Call for information or to make an appointment
  • In ground chassis dynamometer

Chassis Dyno 2010 Cobra Jet

Chassis Dyno Tuning on this 2010 Cobra Jet- 660 CID BBF Hemi N/A installed