Custom Dyno Tuning In-House

Custom Dyno Tuning In-House – Check out this 2014 Mustang

Our Dynojet 224 Can Test Vehicles up to 2,000 HP and 200 MPH – Just another day in paradise, Working with this New 2014 Blue Mustang – Chassis Dyno Tuning services, full report – we want to see if anyone notices the numbers lol … we are at your service 

Whether you’re modifying your street or track car, or having a vehicle prepped for an upcoming track-driving day or race, dyno tuning can be essential to achieving the proper performance. Watson Racing has a Dynojet 224xLC dynamometer on-site for tuning most Ford, GM, Nissan/Infiniti, and Mopar (Dodge and Chrysler) vehicles — up to 2,000 HP and 200 mph.

Chassis Dyno, Tuning Service, Custom Calibration – Southeast Michigan, close to Canada, Ohio & Indiana!

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