S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning Number’s Impressive

2015 Mustang - Watson Racing

S550 Mustang Dyno Tuning by Watson Racing. Getting ready for the track in 2017. If you want to optimize the calibration for ultimate power and performance, it’s what we do all day, every day. So, to get your S550 Mustang Dyno … Continue reading

Watson Racing 2015 Mustang

Watson Racing S550 has been to the show and the strip. It began as a SEMA project, then was used as a research and development test bed for more S550-related street/strip hardware. The Watson Racing S550 then was the first to hit 9’s, then 8’s and in 2015/16 was the World’s Fastest 2015 Mustang with IRS. Here is one of the original dyno pulls with the S550 at the Watson Racing Shop.

Choosing to forego the glitz that is sometimes the hallmark of SEMA cars, the focus was instead on function. To shed some 30 pounds of nose weight.  Watson’s experienced fabricators engineered a complete TIG-welded tubular K-member and front suspension setup. This chromoly cradle they bolted a 5.0L Coyote (built in house) toughened with Oliver rods and Mahle pistons. Tweaked with Ford Performance cams. Tuned via FAST XFI. Topped with a 2.9L front-inlet, twin-screw Whipple supercharger. Through a Tremec Magnum XL six-speed, the combo sent a “conservative” 927 hp and 702 lb-ft to the rear wheels.

Watson engineered and fabricated this complete tubular K-member/suspension package as part of the car’s weight-loss program. Watson Racing 2015 Mustang parts are now sold through the Watson Racing shop website.

Dyno 64 Nova “Outlaw”

598 (pump gas) 1964 Nova NA Run #1.

Watson Racing, Southeastern Michigan, offers full expert Dyno Testing & Tuning services.

1941 American Gasser Dyno Tune

1941 Willy’s Gasser – 598 Big Block Chevy with a Supercharged Liberty 4-speed Transmission; 8.5 Second Certified; 1st place Detroit Autorama 2014 – running just a little rich …

Watson Racing, Southeastern Michigan, offers full expert Dyno Testing & Tuning services.