Shaun Day
2011 Mustang GT

Shaun Day Road Racing

Customer/Driver: Shaun Day From: Farmington, MI Car: 2011 Mustang GT   Shaun Day 2011 Mustang GT – Project Summary: Watson Racing – Dyno Testing & Tuning. Shaun Road Races in the NASA TT class       … Continue reading

Brad Gusler
2015 Mustang

Customer/Driver: Brad Gusler   From: Big Island, Virginia   Car: S550 Mustang   Brad Gusler 2015 Mustang S550 – Project Summary: Record-holding Fastest Eco-boost to date on the drag strip. 10.911 ET.  Brad runs in NMRA Super Stang class. Watson Racing … Continue reading

Martin Stead
41 Willys Gasser

41 Willys Gasser

  Customer: Martin Stead From: Lagrange, OH Car: 1941 Willy’s Gasser Martin Stead ’41 Willys Gasser – Project Summary: Watson Racing’s tuning experts dyno tuned Martin’s beautiful ’41 Willys Gasser, built by American Gasser of Saginaw, Michigan.   … Continue reading

Harold Corey
1985 Mustang

Harold Corey 1985 Mustang

Customer: Harold Corey   From: Michigan   Car: 1985 Mustang   Harold Corey 1985 Mustang – Project Summary: Watson Racing changed out the intake system, dyno testing and tuning to increase the horsepower in this ’85 Mustang with a Dart Iron Eagle Block. Harold wants his race … Continue reading

Dan Juliette
1941 Willys Coupe

1941 Willys Coupe

  Customer: Dan Juliette From: Kewadin, MI Car: 1941 Willy’s Coupe Dan Juliette ’41 Willy’s Coupe – Project Summary: Watson Racing’s tuning experts dyno tuned Dan’s beautiful ’41 Willys Coupe, built by American Gasser of Saginaw, Michigan. Powered by a … Continue reading

Blaine Ramey
2010 Cobra Jet

Blaine Ramey 2010 Cobra Jet

Customer: Blaine Ramey   From: Dearborn, MI   Car: 2010 Mustang   Blaine Ramey, 2010 Cobra Jet – Project Summary: Fully prepped the car for the dragway, including race alignment, corner balancing, dyno testing and tuning. Watson Racing also provides Blaine … Continue reading

Valerie Clements
2014 Mustang

Driver: Valerie Clements   From: South Carolina   Car: 2014 Mustang   Valerie Clements 2014 Mustang Project Summary: Watson Racing and Valerie Clements Racing team joined up mid-season, 2014.  Valerie has proven herself to be a champion on a national level. Valerie … Continue reading

Rick Rodgers
2014 Cobra Jet

Customer/Driver: Rick Rodgers   From: Dearborn Heights, MI   Car: 2014 Cobra Jet Superstock   Rick Rodgers, 2014 Cobra Jet – Project Summary: Watson Racing performed chassis tuning and track support to Rick for Drag Racing his 2014 Cobra Jet.     … Continue reading

American Gasser
1941 Gasser

Customer/Driver: American Gasser   From: Saginaw, MI   Car: 1941 Gasser     1941 Willys American Gasser Project Summary: Dyno tuned 598 ci Supercharged Big Block Chevrolet, 865HP to the rear wheels.     … Continue reading