George Camillo
2013 Boss 302S

  Driver: George Camillo From: Atlanta, Georgia Car: 2013 Boss 302S     George Camillo 2013 Boss 302S Project Summary: Watson Racing upgrades include powertrain, suspension, brakes as well as dyno tuning services.  George races his Boss 302S for recreation … Continue reading

Tim Roehrenbeck
2013 Cobra Jet

Customer/Driver: Tim Roehrenbeck   From: Columbus, OH   Car: 2013 Cobra Jet   Tim Roehrenbeck 2013 Cobra Jet – Project Summary: Tim’s car is a Watson Racing built BIW 2013 Cobra Jet clone. 100% built from the ground up by … Continue reading

Mike Skinner
2010 Mustang

Customer/Driver: Mike Skinner From: Columbus, OH Car: 2010 Mustang Spec Iron     Mike Skinner, 2010 Mustang Spec Iron Project Summary: Watson Racing service included a complete teardown, body lightening, roll cage installation, and build per NASA Road Race / … Continue reading

Dean Parker
1957 Chevy

Dean Parker 1957 Chevy - Track Support

        Customer / Driver: Shannon & Dean Parker From: Michigan Car: 1957 Chevy   Dean Parker 57 Chevy Project Summary: Watson Racing provided dyno tuning services and track support. Dean races in the Outlaw Division, heads-up series. … Continue reading

Joe Cram
2006 Mustang

Driver: Joe Cram   From: Texas   Car: 2006 Mustang   Joe Cram 2006 Mustang Project Summary: Cram will run NMRA with a ProCharger F1-A supercharger on his Mustang. That blower will breathe boost into a new Coyote engine built by … Continue reading

Andre Jameson
79 Chevy Malibu

Andre Jameson 1979 chevy malibu

Customer/Driver:  Andre Jameson   From: Pontiac, MI   Car: 1979 Chevy, Malibu   Andre Jameson ’79 Chevy Project Summary: Watson Racing provided chassis setup and dyno tuning services. … Continue reading

Joe ElChaar
2013 Boss 302

  Customer: Joe Elchaar   From: Allentown, PA   Car: 2013 Boss 302   Joe ElChaar 2013 Mustang Boss 302 – Project Summary: Watson Racing converted this street-driven Boss 302 into a full road race car. Removed full interior and … Continue reading

Chris Holbrook
2013 Cobra Jet

Driver: Chris Holbrook   From: Livonia, MI   Car: 2013 Cobra Jet   Chris Holbrook 2013 Cobra Jet Project Summary: Chris Holbrook represents the NHRA’s new factory stock showdowns with his supercharged Watson Racing / Varsity Ford Cobra Jet powered by Holbrook … Continue reading

Gardner Stone
2013 Cobra Jet

Customer/Driver: Gardner Stone From: Vermont Car: 2013 Cobra Jet   Gardner Stone, 2013 Cobra Jet Project Summary: Watson Racing track crew worked on this 2013 Cobra Jet including a couple rebuilds in Bradenton, 2015. All the hard work paid off and the car … Continue reading