Fastest EcoBoost Mustang in World?

SCT is looking for low et’s and high Mile an Hour out of Brad’s car

 2015 Ecoboost Mustang Drag Racing
The owner of this bad boy is Brad Gusler. Now if that name sounds familiar, it should, he and his wife own BG racing, and have been racing the NMRA Truck & Lightning class for years.

2015 Ecoboost Mustang Center stack panel

Watson Racing center stack delete panel

At last years PRI trade show, a crazy idea got into Brad’s head, “Let’s build the fastest, most bad ass 2015 Eco Boost Mustang this world will ever see.” Brad pitched the idea to his sponsors, SCT and Race Star Wheels. They thought it was an insane idea and jumped right on board. To find someone to work on the chassis, the PRI show was the place to start. Brad approached Watson Racing and told them his idea. Looking just for a simple roll cage, Watson quickly said we have a better idea. After the show, Brad went to his local Ford dealer and ordered a car. Once it came in, the car was immediately loaded on transport and shipped to Watson Racing. Watson went to work building an all out race car. With Watson’s experience working on their own 2015, the same idea’s and parts were thrown into this car.

2015 Ecoboost Mustang Engine Steering Wheel

Watson Racing swapped out the steering wheel for the Cobra Jet one.

First thing Watson did was gut the chassis. All those expensive options were ripped out and thrown in the garbage. Watson’s then removed the heater box, AC, all the sound deadener, airbags, and anything and everything else this car didn’t need to go down 1320. Once gutted Watson went to work installing their custom parts. Up front is a Watson Chromoly tubular K-member, along with their drag race tubular front bumper. The coil overs are from Strange, and this is the first 2015 Mustang with a set of Aerospace Brakes on the front of the car.

2015 Ecoboost Mustang Roll Cage
The interior was fitted with Watson’s 6 point roll cage, center stack delete panel, race seat mount, and rear seat aluminum bulkhead/close out (rear seat delete kit). They also installed an intercooler tank, along with a cobra jet steering wheel. Out back, the car received a set of Ford Racing half shafts, aluminum IRS bushing kit. Also, the Ford Racing 3.73 gears sitting in the rear pumpkin. The rear suspension is once again Strange, using double adjustable shocks and the first 2015 to have Aerospace rear brake kit installed. In the trunk, a fuel Cell was added with an Aeromotive fuel pump inside.
 2015 Ecoboost Mustang  2015 Ecoboost Mustang Intercooler
Once Watson completed the car, it was loaded up and shipped to JPC for some go fast improvements. While waiting for the car, Justin’s crew installed the new Precision 55mm billet wheel turbo on Justin’s EcoBoost car, to get the tuning all done. Now with the car in hand, the crew swapped the 55mm over to Brad’s car along with a new JPC air to water intercooler, designed specifically for the S555 chassis. JPC also built a custom exhaust and installed the JLT cold air intake. The results were crazy! JPC took the stock 221hp and with only the mods listed, brought the horsepower to a whopping 353 to the tires!
2015 Ecoboost Mustang Dashboard 2015 Ecoboost Mustang
As you may have noticed, we haven’t touched base on what parts are inside the engine and trans. That’s because they are bone stock. Yes, the engine, other than, the Precision 55mm and JLT cold air, is bone stock! The trans, bone stock! Convertor, bone stock! The converter is stock, not by choice. Brad just ran out of time before the NMRA event to get an aftermarket one made.
2015 Ecoboost Mustang Engine
Showing up to Bradenton on Tuesday, to test before the NMRA, this car off the trailer ran 11.947@115.71. Not bad for a guy who has never spooled a turbo car. By the fifth pass and still the same tune up, the car ran 11.777@117.60. Not only is it the fastest quarter mile time but also the fastest mile an hour Eco-boost 2015 Mustang car in the world. Once Brad gets this car back home and changes out the trans and stock converter, look for some more feelings to be hurt. There’s a new leader in the pack of EcoBoost cars, and he will stop at nothing to defend his title!

Ford Racing
– by Chad Houghton

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